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Buy this book if you've heard me wittering about Pass The Parcel and I managed to make it sound interesting and/or you trust my taste. I'm in the middle of a really bad attack of self-loathing (digs about making it sound interesting and crap taste are only aimed in my direction), but I really enjoyed it and am currently rereading the version I already have in bed with a large bag of chocolate buttons.

I got to proof-read this book, and I had the devil's own time because I kept getting sucked into the stories. My copy is in the post and I can't wait to be able to read it in the bath.

I also have these books coming to me, but I'll be saving them for the dead days between Christmas and New Year (probably my least favourite time) because I've been looking forward to reading them long enough that I might as well save them for when I'm going to need something I'm damn sure will cheer me up.

Enter coupon code BEREMARKABLE305 at checkout and receive 20% off your order (until the end of December, I think).
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This seems like a really good idea and I want to help, but I can't write much beyond an occasionally amusing LJ entry. Also, I'm damn sure the people who write on my friendslist would do a far, far better job than I ever could :P
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This is also the year that I've finally given in and bought Oxfam Unwrapped presents for everyone on my list- coincidence? Should anyone ever find themselves in the sad position of wanting to buy me something, I would be much much happier with something along these lines as I am lucky enough to be able to afford most things as I need them and tend to buy my own books as I decide I want them.

I really am convinced that were the zombie apocalypse to happen this time of year, that no one would notice until at least the day after Hogmanay.

Anyway, just to get all the boring sanctimony out the way at once, instead of buying everyone who's still reading this the coffee I'd like to, or sending a card, I had to make do with this and a grumpy look with swishing tail from Is. I suppose she at least will be getting her usual present of a can of salmon and a small portion of icecream :) If anyone wants to explain how bad it is for her, to her, be my guest. You can guard the icecream and put up with the constant mewing and acting like a little furry shark, too.
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I passed my course! The COSCA certificate in counselling skills is rightfully mine, and I worked bloody hard for it, so I feel only a little guilty in declaring that the next two weeks at very least are to be spent not reading textbooks, looking for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe and squishing the cat.

I do look forward to finding a counselling diploma that will take me, but I'm not even thinking about it until I've read my height in platforms of trashy paranormal romance, drunk a gallon or three of Bloody Mary and generally celebrated with glitter and sugar.
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Unrelated to anything else, anyone want to admit to sending me flowers? Was there a card I've just completely failed to find? They're very nice anyway, and I look forward to drying them and decorating a suitable vase for them- I still have the only other bunch of flowers I've ever been given in an 'Our Beloved Pet' small memorial thing, which I only bought to put The Fear into Is. I don't think it worked, but it suits dead flowers far better than the jug I use for Pimms.
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